A little bit about us

March 2019

The colabella team are always updating their skill set and eager whether you fancy a maintenance trim or complete new look with style, colour or both.
The team attend regular training sessions and industry courses to always be on point with the latest colour skills to the latest cutting techniques.
You would think a cut is a cut…
Noooooo even the way we hold our scissors makes a difference to the way the edge of the hair is cut.
Razor cuts, texture cuts, chipping in, slide cutting, clipper cuts, shaves, fade outs, blending, thinning scissor cuts, club cutting, layering, feather cutting, disconnected cut, graduated, carve and slice, over directing, blunt cut, asymmetric cut. The list goes on but the point is that its is only with a program of continual learning that your stylist will not only know the trending cut but importantly know how to deliver it to the client.
the same applies to our beauty department, there are always new products and methods being launched and we like to stay on top of all things new.
The current fast pace of life and fashion means that our industry is constantly under going change and fresh training.
There are some gorgeous looks for ladies and gents and our team stay up to date and enthusiasm to stop you getting into a hair rut. With all the social media sites and images of latest trends available there is no need to get stuck with the same look every time. At colabella we too use social media to inspire ideas for current looks and trends we can roll out to our fabulous clients.
That being said a lot of clients are happy to stick to what they know especially if they find any particular style easy to handle, especially at 6.30 am when they are rushing around getting ready for work etc. A great idea to make a change that does not mean a major cut change is to change the way the colour is placed, or if you have never had colour add some subtle tones just to start and see how you feel about it.
The colour trends these days means that anything goes. Literally  anything!
Gone are the days that the only permanent colour options meant re touches every month or six weeks.
We never would have thought that clients would be coming in to have colour put in that makes their hair look like colour is growing out with long roots.
It is of paramount importance that if you have a colour/tint that you are skin tested. It is a legal requirement for the salon to perform this test and I cant stress enough times it could be a life saving procedure. In other blogs I have mentioned my own sudden gallery to the PPD found in hair colour that caused me to have anaphylactic shock. Having been in this industry many years it just goes to show that any one can become allergic even to something they have had many times before.
I have spoken about skin testing many times but I will always stress…Be safe, if a salon you have not been to before offers you a colour service without a skin test they are risking serious implications to your well being. We are not just talking a rash, although that is not a nice experience but we are talking death. Professional colour and home box dyes are dangerous things if used without following guide lines as even though it says in the small print skin test yourself before use, many clients don't and there has been death caused by an adverse reaction to hair colour.
As i have mentioned some of us like our style we may have had the same style for many years this is fuelled by the trends that will always be timeless like the bob. It comes and goes in different ways. Longer, more anger, choppy, cropped into a pop and many more takes on it but that is the nice thing about classic styles they can still be interpreted into a current way by your stylist. This is why a good relationship and trust is a basic from stylist to client. There is nothing more complimentary when a client says to you DO WHAT YOU WANT!!! Wow that is trust and I personally am flattered by it. There are no styles that will not come back around just as is with clothes. Who would have thought that perms or beards with side partings would come back around. They did and so will all the other trends from over the years. Personally I am not fond of the latest man look which is the man bob then with the option of a man bun but hey ho thats only my personal preference.
The men & the boys have more recently become image aware.
Never before was male grooming so prevalent. Its as though the penny just dropped over the last few years that its ok if you are a guy to be pampered. Mens grooming suddenly finds men not having to hide in the bathroom plucking eye brow hairs out or pushing the grey hair under a side parting.
Now its socially normal for a guy to book in to our beauty salons for eye brow shaping/tintng back waxing or having colour on their hair. Why should they be embarrassed its standard stuff, all of us want to look good to help us feel good so good for the guys its about time.
With so many styles of hair beauty and nails its easy to see why we are so passionate about delivering the best in style and service.Whether you are looking for a subtle or dramatic look we have a team that will be able to create that for you.

Matrix Biolage Full Density Hair Thinning Range

February 2019

We have had many fabulous results with this product range. It is formulated for clients that are concerned about hair thinning and hair loss.
Formulated with Biotin, Zinc PCA and Gluco-Omega blend
An innovation in hair care thickening treatments, the L'Oréal Professional Stemoxidine Regimen works on a spectrum of fronts to help promote full, healthy hair: works under the skin to help promote hair growth, gently cleans the scalp and works on the surface of the hair fibre to improve hair strength and fullness.
The Stemoxydine system for hair loss and thinning hair is for men & women.
Stemoxydine has proved in many clinical trials that it awakens dormant stem cells and produces increased numbers of follicles and also increased hair density.
Each full set of the range should last about 6-12 weeks if used wisely.
One little glass bottle of scalp therapy lasts me 4-6 uses, the info says use the whole bottle but i don't think that much is needed.
It encourages dormant hair sitting under the scalp to push through.
Around each hair follicle sits a band of keratin even though hair is made of keratin, due to lots of reasons like stress, pregnancy,illness poor diet and chemicals. For some reason this band of keratin goes hard & blocks the hair from growing through the scalp. The products soften the keratin so enabling the hair to then grow through.
By the 3 month stage a significant spurt of new hair should come through
But the first thing clients have noticed is they loose a lot less hairs
It provides the optimal scalp environment for growth.
All the full density range contains Biotin & Zinc and the small scalp therapy bottles contain Stemoxydine.
Zinc is a vital mineral for healthy hair, skin and nails.
Biotin is also a nutrient that helps with more than our hair, it helps to keep us looking young as it plays a vital role in cell growth, this vitamin also reinforces hair strength to help protect the outer cuticle from heat and wear and tear damage.
It plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair

Wet hair apply 10p size of shampoo to your hands, distribute over the hair and scalp and do your usual shampoo routine, rinse the shampoo, this has now gently cleansed but a second round of shampoo may be needed to fully remove follicle clogging and leave it feeling squeaky clean. But just use the size of a 20p or for the guys the size of a 5p for the 2nd round of the shampoo process. 
 Impurities are removed which instantly make hair look shiny.
No ugly chemicals doing the cleansing only top grade ingredients.

As its a very concentrated product not much needed at all but any one with long hair will need to use aprox the size of a 50p
Once the shampoo is rinsed out squeeze dry the hair, then apply conditioner, for best results massage into the scalp and then comb through the smooth the outer cuticle of the hair, this is then rinsed out. Towel dry their hair by squeezing & not rubbing the hair as this ruffles up the otter cuticle of the hair.
The cuticle of the hair is too small for the fingers to make any difference so as mentioned use a comb this makes a massive difference...
• Breakage reduced

• Fortifies hair

• Removes follicle-clogging impurities

• Dormant hair follicles stimulated

The follicle booster is a leave in scalp therapy...

Apply onto hair beginning at scalp in sections. Massage gently at roots and work through ends. Do not rinse. For maximum thickening results, allow to dry then reapply. Style as usual. For maximum performance, use the system of Shampoo and Conditioner to significantly reduce breakage for fuller-looking, thicker-feeling hair.
The Spray Treatment works on hair's surface to increase the diameter of existing strands by up to 9%, for fuller-looking, thicker-feeling hair.

Apply to hair before drying comb or massage through and then style as normal, this product can be reapplied on dry hair if needed in between wages to style.
The products impart a light weight covering to each hair strand, nourishing and fortifying hair for more body and shine.
For best results we recommend to use the full system of the products. Dipping in and out with one product wont be beneficial to results that you will get with using the full system. It cuts down damage by 60% so as well as encouraging growth and can also stop you loosing hair through breakage and shedding.

Skin Testing & Colour Correction

January 2019

Question ? why risk your life by not having a skin allergy test before you have a hair colour?
100’s of people do everyday.
I’m going to tell you a true story…
In 2005 just out of the blue after having hair tint since I was in my 20’s
BOOM!!! anaphylaxis. From no where, I went from salon Stylist director/colourist to severe allergy to hair tint. Not able to have hair colour, not able to apply it even with gloves on, not able to breathe in the PPD molecule without being blue lights rushed to hospital.
That is still the case but I take permanent anti allergy tabs to even be in the work environment.
Luckily I was rushed to New Cross Hospital A&E and they did a sterling job of saving my life…From that point, even though it was not yet a legal requirement Colabella became very strict about skin testing.
It has probably lost us thousands and thousands of lost revenue over the years but our clients safety is paramount to us.

all the images were found on line and there are many more so take a look before you risk you health...

Sleep Disturbance

December 2018


At least 50% of us in the UK struggle to sleep and many get less than the recommended sleep. There is new research that shows scientists are finding evidence that how our bodies respond to and how stress links in with our sleeping patterns.
Stress and a lack of sleep are a Catch-22 situation, so dealing with them in the right way is important. Not getting enough sleep can exacerbate any stress we are experiencing, and being under stress can cause difficulty sleeping. The key is to get into a routine that will allow us to relax at home leading up to bedtime and in turn provide the downtime our body and mind needs to enable us to better handle stress factors. Our country is becoming so sleep-focused it’s even now becoming common to wear pyjamas in public! one thing iv not yet done but hey ho you can never say never:) Anything that can help us relax and wind down before we begin a bedtime routine helps to train the brain to expect sleep after a similar set of routines. My problem is if i over think it i start to think I'm not going to sleep even before iv tried. I have been an insomniac for years but slowly iv built in methods of coping and getting into good habits to combat it. having fibromyalgia has not helped but again through changes in diet exercise and routines iv managed to improve my own sleep pattern. Starting a night-time routine will also have benefits in your daily life, which can only have positive effects for us.
Heading to bed with “To Do” lists going around your mind and thinking over the day’s thoughts and worries is a recipe for disaster where sleep is concerned. Broken sleep can be as bad as not sleeping at all, and commonly it can be the thoughts going around in your head or just constantly waking up to check the time that may be the problem. It’s hard to relax and actually enjoy a long stint of sleep when you’re worried about how much sleep you are getting.
Reading is a calming activity — or maybe head to a yoga class after work? anything that helps you unwind.
Technology plays havoc with people’s home life. I try to ditch the devices an hour or two before bed. Not only is it a struggle to switch off from work, but being on them stops the simple art of conversation with my hubby chit chatting can be a relaxing activity in itself.
Falling asleep during meetings, yawning during the day, a lack of sleep has a negative effect on our work quality and productivity. It’s generally accepted that adults should have at least seven hours sleep a night, but 4 in 10 people are actually failing to achieve this.
Going without sleep for one night causes the same changes in the brain as a knock to the head — emphasising how important it really is. Without sleep, the ability to make decisions, focus on tasks and alertness levels are all affected. Studies find that six hours sleep a night for more than two weeks can have a positive effect on an our cognitive performance and I'm sure thats got to be good. Diet can help with good sleep here are a few food & drinks that can help with sleep disturbances
1 Almonds.
2 Turkey.
3 Chamomile Tea
4 Kiwi.
5 Tart Cherry Juice.
6 Fatty Fish.
7 Walnuts.
8 Passionflower Tea.
Keep good routines

Exercise regularly – they’ll feel great and it’ll help them sleep (just try not to do it before bed!)
• • •
Get into a routine of sleeping for seven to nine hours each night
Turn off technology and screens before bed
Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the evening — these stimulants increase how many times they wake up during the night

Hair Extensions

April 2018

We offer Rapture hair as our salon hair extension service but if you fancy something you can put in as and when you fancy it then this is the service for you.
The benefits of are endless. For those of us who long for but are unfortunately not blessed with Lucious  locks, clip in hair extensions are an amazing alternative to achieving plenty of hair in an instant! At Colabella we can consult and do a colour match and order service by appointment.
Although once you have decided to take the leap and get one step closer to your dream hair, you’re faced with the challenge of which set of hair extensions to go for. Do you go for clip-in hair extensions, sewn-in or glued in? Do you need them for extra length or thickness? Whatever your reasons, take a look at the benefits of clip in hair extensions and how you can achieve lustrous locks to suit your target look.
One of the main reasons we love clip-in hair extensions is because the change is only temporary! For some people, hair extensions are a treat to be worn for special occasions whilst for others, they are an everyday necessity. What’s great about clip-in hair extensions is that you have complete control over them, meaning you can clip them in and style them however you please.
If you’re looking for a quick and easy, low maintenance hair enhancer, clip-in hair extensions are the perfect option for you! As opposed to sewn in or glued in hair extensions which require a hairdresser to put them in and take them out, clip in’s can be fitted completely by yourself. Simply clip them in, tease, style, and you’re ready to go!
One of the most common questions we get asked  is, ‘Will the extensions damage my hair?’ The answer to that is no! Unlike sewn in and glued in hair extensions, of of the benefits of clip in hair extensions is that they don’t cause thinning or breakage to your hair (think Britney Spears, eek!) as they don’t pull on the hair as much. Instead, they are much gentler as they do not permanently sit on your head. We offer Rapture hair extensions for clients that want a more fixed in service that do not cause damage like glue, sewn in or micro rings extensions but for a fast self serve easy fix to thick hair the Clip in ones may be for you..



Eye Health 

March 2018


As we age most of us will have a change in the level of our eye sight. I'm sure any of you around my age find you selves reaching for those specs you have thrown here there and everywhere.
At the back of the eye is an area known as the retina which is responsible for our vision. The centre part of the retina is known as the macula. This is the area of the eye where approximately 90% of our vision is mediated from.
The macula is protected by a coloured pigment that almost acts as sun glasses or a sun screen for the eye. It blocks harmful UV rays and is most definitely a key factor to having good eye site.
Iritis is a painful eye condition that can be supported by having a good source of
Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish oil, may lower inflammation and boost the immune system. Cold-water fish, such as salmon or halibut and other oily fish are good sources.

You may have heard or come across the term MACULA DEGENERATION. This can be caused just by old age and then known as "age related macula degeneration".
There are other reasons for this change to the Macula so good eye health is important. Regular eye tests and being aware of any changes you may have to your vision.
As with any other part of our body, good nutrition pays a vital part in good eye health.
The pigment that protects the Macula can be boosted by eating foods that provide 3 key properties that factor into boosting the pigment around the Macula.
A few of these foods are...
Leafy green spinach
Butternut squash
Bright red & yellow peppers
The yellow yoke of eggs
These increase the levels of 3 key chemicals in our blood
They then make their way through our blood to the macula and improve our eyesight.
The other really interesting thing that has been found in studies, relating to the pigment strengthening, is that the people that have higher levels of the macula pigment have better cognitive performance. This may mean that people with the lower levels have more risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
So either way eating healthy and looking after your eye health is a win win situation.
Hope you enjoyed my little nutrition blog and all have a great hair & health day ✨

Hair Toners

February 2018


What is a hair toner? And what does it do?

We use PPD free products to enhance or neutralize tone shades lifted by having your hair bleached.
Hair Bleach has no PPD so we do not need to skin test you for that service but often when using a bleach the hair may need to be toned to achieve your target shade.
In the hands of professional colour technicians or colour gurus such as we have at Colabella,
Hair toners are often used during colour correction when box dyes go wrong and just generally make bad hair colour disasters better.
We can mix soft golds or pearl blondes to get a slightly warm result if you don't want your hair to look too flattened, we can mix ash or purple tones to dampen down yellow or gold tones. A toner can soften shades.
Once hair has been bleached, it can come out a really "raw "colour. The lightness might be there yes...but not everyone wants their hair to be super BRIGHT and sometimes having un toned hair just doesn't look.
It's a good idea to have a deep cuticle lock down hair conditioning treatment.
The cost is £25 plus the *cut or blow dry coat but if you are a colour client you will pay only £15*.
It’s a service you can also have between colour a to keep the colour fresh.
There are of course, exceptions to this rule. If your hair is already a lighter blonde naturally, many times we may not want to use a toner because your hair colour lightened beautifully and it just doesn't need one.
They are a deposit colour only, which means they won't do anything to your natural hair and they last about 4 to 5 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair .
If you wash your hair every day, expect your toner to fade out FAST, like one week!
If you wash it once a week, you will generally get a month of nicely toned hair.
If you feel like the toner just DOESNT last in your hair, the are a number of factors why this can happen.
Number one is , if you use a shampoo with sulphates and parabens - it's basically like washing your hair with dish washing liquid. This goes for most supermarket shampoos. Even some professional shampoos have sulphates though so make sure to always read the bottle. If sodium lauryl sulphate is listed on the back you can be guaranteed your blonde won't look nice for long.
Number two is if you swim regularly, it can fade your hair VERY fast . Also Swimming at the beach goes hand in hand with laying in the sun, and too much UV will also bleach out your lovely toner.
They can keep colour fade down, neutralize yellow or gold tones and also add a fabulous feel to your hair, so they really are a multi purpose service.
Well, now you know. Next time you are getting your highlights done or your bleach retouch and we talk about using a toner, don't panic, it is just to give you that special finishing touch to complement the colour service.
Feel free to call and book a FREE CONSULTATION with us to discuss any areas of concern with you hair colour or hair style.

Hello 2018

January 2018


Happy new year and in three words. Bold. Creative. Beautiful.
It’s the start of the year, and the pressure is on us stylist to bring into salon new styles new looks and just to start things right on track.
Whatever happened in 2017 is history, and we’re starting on a clean slate.
Time to break a sweat to lose all the holiday food-munching, time to make that career change, time to pursue your passion, time to spend quality time with the people you love, time to save money and cut on expenses.
PHEW!!!! its all a bit much...
These are all bold steps, and we may all have one or two that we want to accomplish this year but pace your self...
Why not firstly come get yourself a brand new hair look for 2018. A kick-ass style to jumpstart the new you.
Consultations are free so call us and book in and we can step you through whats hot and whats not
happy new hair day..