The Tanning Salon

50p per Minute on Stand up or Leg Tanner

Block Sessions - Save money by paying for block sessions

Everybody who uses sun beds wants and expects to get brown legs!!

Legs are the hardest part of the body to tan as they naturally exfoliate quicker than the rest of the body and are considerably drier requiring constant moisturising!!

Vertical sun beds don’t tan legs evenly because gas in the UV tubes rises to the middle and top therefore legs do not tan as well or evenly as the body and face!!

Leg Tanners are the only proven method of producing beautiful even tanned legs!!


Block Sessions

Full Price        You Pay        Saving    

5 X 3 Minutes = £7.50        £6.00        £1.50 = 3 Minutes Free

5 X 6 Minutes = £15.00       £12.00      £3.00 = 6 Minutes Free

5 X 9 Minutes = £22.50      £18.00      £4.50 = 9 Minutes Free


10 X 3 Minutes = £15.00     £11.50       £3.50 = 7 minutes Free

10 X 6 Minutes = £30.00    £22.50      £7.50 = 14 Minutes Free

10 X 9 Minutes = £45.00    £34.50      £10.50 = 20 Minutes Free

Spray Tan


The UK range of self tanning and skin finishing products are the perfect choice to build a tan that is right for you, and enjoy lasting results with smooth, bronzed and radiant skin.

Whatever the very latest trend is, you can be sure that ST. TROPEZ is seen on some of the worlds most influential people. Whether its a floor skimming gown or a micro shift, you can be sure of one thing on the red carpet - bodies will be beautifully bronzed and radiant by this range that is in the top of the class for even tone.

Pre Tan Full Body Exfoliate and Shower £15.00

Half Body £15.00

Full Body £20.00

ST TROPEZ exfoliater is recommended by ST TROPEZ to use before your tan and tan optimiser as a take home after care will ensure the best results from your spray tan. The cost is £4.99 each or both for £8.00. They spread generously and will last up to 10 uses and will help you get the best from your tan.

We also stock a gradual tanning cream which is ideal for clients wanting a more natural look. Each tube contains approx 10 applications and retails at £4.99. It has a pleasant low odour smell unlike some of the self developing creams that have unpleasant odours.

Our therapists will have a consultation with you to discuss tanning requirements

SKIN TEST needed 24 hours before spray tan