Blogs 2021

February 2021

So as this year unfolds, for those of us who are forced to stay home from our workplaces some of us have become slaves again to our comfiest clothing, forgone are our morning hair and makeup routines.

For me the lockdown bun has taken up permanent residence on my head…


I don’t mind except I do love having my hair set on big rollers and it to be all tousled and bouncy. I have super fine hair so it does not appreciate being scraped into a bun or pony. As you may know if you have read previous blogs any hair does not appreciate tension on the roots…hence best to go for the baggy bun or pony tail. If you keep pulling it back tight you will without doubt subject your root living part of your hair to some times damage that can take a long time to correct…the joys of having trichologist knowledge. Yes but it’s true so be nice to your living part of your hair, with that being said, also be nice to it once it pops out the scalp and spends years accompanying you until it one day it sheds away without you even knowing, unless of course you see it as it says farewell and lands on your shoulders or the sink…let’s be honest there’s nothing worse than a bad hair day, all of you with good thick hair…your blessed.

As a result of this I am pretty sure the low fuss air dry styles of hair will be all the rage in 2021.

What does this mean?

Well…It’s a haircut that uses invisible layers that vary in length, and means that you can leave your hair to dry and embrace your natural texture, as opposed to having to rely on straightening or curling.

If I am honest It really isn’t a bad thing as it brings out the best hair condition.

This works on every individual texture but if you have a bit of natural kink or wave you are on to a winner.

It’s still not bad for those of us with straight hair as long as you have a lot of layers chopped in to give some texture but in this age of low fuss everything, we want cuts that fall into place and require very little work on our part.

So If last year focused on natural texture and no-fuss hairstyles, 2021 is gearing up to be all that and then some…

Nice and natural with long grown out fringes falling into middle partings and diffused root colour drag so that during more lock downs it’s no real biggy if you have roots while your salon is closed. Let’s face it we just don’t know when and if more lockdowns will come so best to plan ahead from now on and talk to us about low fuss low maintenance hair styles and courts. Many of you already did so hopefully this current loads down has been more manageable for you from a hair maintenance point of view…

For the guys, well again let the length flow.

It’s not for all you guys but it’s a nice soft lengthy look Brad Pitt is wearing here and very low maintenance indeed.

I know it’s easy to look this way when the summer sunshine is beating down on you but take away the shades and it’s still a great winter look with a bit of hair around your neck to keep you warm 🙂 The other option is just to slick it back with wax until we get the go ahead that we can re open.

Speaking of which….

No, we have no idea yet of when we can re open. We only know what you guys know which at the moment is nothing !!!

Our best advice is as soon as you hear the news updates saying salons can open. Call us and book your appointment.

We will update our social media as soon as we know any more info and as always we will do our utmost best to get everyone booked as efficiently as we can…

We have been told that on 22/02/21 the government is going to make its first announcement about coming out of lockdown but we still have no idea how that will look. I guess it’s just going to be a case of looking at the numbers…

Kirsty has worked wonders preparing the on line shop and that’s now open so it’s very easy to stay stocked up on hair care…

It’s all up an running so If you are low on hair products pop and take a look at our shop…we are still also operating call and collect or click and collect or as I said delivery from our web site shop. We do price match so if you see something let us know and we will do our best to match or better the price.

Hips fully next blog we will have some good re opening news but until then do look after yourselves.

February is a tough month it’s always so cold, I’m a February Aquarian and it’s always freezing around my birthday time, so do try to stay positive, stay well, stay hydrated, stay moisturised, stay active, stay food healthy and stay safe..

Happy February

Anna x

January 2021

As we step into 2021 and 2020 comes to an end, little did we know when it started what a year it would turn out be and what was about to. Ren myself and all the team at Colabella hair & beauty want to say thank you.

You have been so understanding and supported us through the open and closures that COVID 19 caused, we have had many messages of support and the interaction of our social media, the kind words and the love we have felt from many people, we really thank you for all of it.

We plan to “keep on keeping on” which is our family and business motto and we look forward to another chapter in our journey.

During 2020 all of our worlds changed and changed fast! We didn’t have much time to even process the changes, we were all thrown from the normal into what we have quickly learned to be the new normal. I think we all deserve a pat on the back for following the rules and doing our bit to stay safe and reach out to help people that needed it. Many acts of kindness and community spirit were shown which gave help and support to people that were in need, not just in need of stuff but also in need of love and care. The NHS has been shown a new level of appreciation and value, as have the workers on all front line key worker roles. Its been nice to see the love being shown but very sad for all the lives lost…

Many of us learned that we need less and to appreciate more.

Over the last 12 months the salon went through changes as we do every year.

We are proud that its 36 years since the first Colabella salon opened and every year we hope to grow and shine more.

The last year has been challenging but as a business we have still continued to move forward, staying focused and pushing on and we are very proud of that. There have been some very positive changes and new services rolled out which in such difficult times is amazing.

We have employed new members to join our fab team, which have brought a new dynamic to the personalities in the team. We had two previous staff return to us after having had career breaks, we offered places to new apprentices and our current ones qualified up to styling. Our team even managed to get some new skills under our belts as we did continued learning from home during lockdown.

We launched the Laser hair loss therapy clinic and trichology training for our team.

We relocated the beauty nails/sun bed shop in Wood street in to a beautiful new salon with internal connecting door to the hair salon, that really was a great move for us and made it a lot easier for clients to get beauty services done while they were having their hair done.

We also added a range of new holistic therapies to our beauty department…

All that during a pandemic and the heart of the business continued to beat, even when we are in lockdown again now we are still busy planning and focusing on the future.

As the new year starts it is the perfect time to look back on the previous year and discern what it has taught you. I can only speak for my self but I have learned a lot this year and I hope to build positively on what I have learned…

Regarding salon re opening, currently we do not know when we can re open but we will be sure to keep you all updated of our re open plans.

All thats left to say is thank you again from Ren & Myself and we pray for a blessed healthy and peaceful year ahead for us all…

Happy new year..
Love and light
Anna x