Blogs 2022

January 2022

Happy new year

From Ren myself and the Colabella team, we trust it will be a healthy and happy one for us all…

The start of a year often comes with setting targets, goals, resolutions with often self inflicted pressure that we put on ourselves and 

it’s  great to have that new year new start feeling, don’t weigh yourself down with too many targets to meet.

In salon we love to listen to all the new year resolutions from our clients, it’s so lovely to be able to have that time with you and listen to all the things going on in everyone’s lives.

It’s a real privilege that clients feel able to share their life with us and this is why the bond between a stylist and client is so strong people openly chat about their personal lives and intimate details with us because of that bond. 

When is comes to new year resolutions and plans our lives seem to be full of targets & dead lines to achieve and while that’s all ok sometimes it puts more pressure on us.

My motto is just be the best version of yourself that you can, whilst still showing yourself some TLC too.

If you operate at a level where you are already doing your best and let’s face it we have so much to do in our life that we all have to push to keep up, then just doing the best you can at any one time is enough. 

That being said if you fancy a challenge that’s great too, so go for it we are all able and if you are willing anything you set your self to do is great, you could try something new. 

I have applied to carry to baton in the Birmingham leg of the common wealth games, something different indeed.

For over 25 years I have supported women’s, homeless & children’s charitable organization in any way I can, from collecting needed items to fund raising & donating. 

So if you have a heart to do something and share some of your time like that, you can find lots of local charities that need help.

Setting yourself things to do is great if you are able to but don’t feel just because it’s January that you have to pressure your self to add lots of to do lists to your life. 

When it comes to salon life a new year brings new opportunities for us to look at new services and continuing to update our skills. 

We find the new year brings lots of requests for re styles too or new colour looks. We love all of that and being able to be part of your journey to give you the feel good factor is a pleasure.

Nothing feels better than a great hair day 🙂

Why not book in just for a consultation if you are thinking about a change…

It’s a great idea if you are thinking about a new color or a new cut. It also means your stylist has got time just to talk about it and give you the time you need to chat. 

During a cut & finish appointment we allow 5 minutes for the consultation but in a free consultation slot we allow 15 minutes just to give that extra time to chat.

If it’s concerns about hair loss or thinning hair, then book in with Ren our salon director, he can give you great advice on the best Mark Birch hair products to use, he will explain products to avoid and you can talk to him about non invasive LLLT treatments that we offer at our Bilston branch.

If you are thinking of adding length or volume by having hair extensions we offer a few different types of hair extensions in salon and if that is of interest to you, then Kirsty also at our Bilston branch is our highly experienced extension specialist. 

Again you can book in for a consultation for hair extensions we allow 20 to 30 minutes to discuss this with you at no charge.

With so much happening in salon do keep checking our social medial or sign up to the text register so we can keep you informed also each time you like or share our insta or face book your name gets put into the month end free draw. So if you have liked 10 posts that’s 10 chances to win.

Have a great start to 2022

Anna x