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June 2024 blog

Why does hair colour fade…

The simple answer is: because of water! 2 words…Over washing…

When you wash your hair, the colour molecules seep out of the fibres, resulting in colour fade. Try to aim for every 5 days, a week is even better and especially for the first wash post hair colour.

Hair has an outer layer not a scientific name but known as the “F-layer” which is responsible for “waterproofing” your hair. It acts like a seal for tint molecules and also plays a role in preventing damage.  This is the outer layer of the hair where the cuticle is either flat & smooth if in good condition or raised and flakey if in poor condition. The smoother this is the less friction there is between hair shafts. This is why over processed hair tangles so easily.

Keeping this “F-layer” (the outer cuticle) intact is super important if you want your hair colour to look glossy and gorgeous long after your salon trip. 

Now, we’ll be honest having hair tint is not only what can cause damage, how you handle your hair is a big factor. Use gently brushes, use silk hair ties, use hair sleep bonnets. All that will help keep cuticles smooth which will stop colour fade, so your job is to protect it from damage so the tint molecules stay in your hair. 

It’s that simple! The colour molecules slide out.

To do this, you need to keep your hair in excellent condition. 

Here are the three things you need to know:

Here are the three things you need to know about preserving your hair colour & general hair condition.

  • Colour treated hair needs more protection than virgin hair . Hair tints use chemicals to open your hair fibre and deposit pigment.  These can strip away hair’s natural protective waterproofing, and lift up the cuticle edges so hair feels damaged and rough.
  • Well moisturized hair resists fade . Deeply moisturising products help seal the outer layer of your hair, smoothing the cuticle and helping protect the colour within. Use professional hair care products, they may cost a little more at the buying point but will last 2 or 3 times longer and don’t contain ugly chemicals. 
  • Hair quality is key  to keep your hair looking great, start by caring for your scalp.  Improving your scalp condition with products that actually improves the quality of hair as it grows, so your strands can be at their best. Scalp issues can cause hair to grow poorly, make sure these are taken care of as a matter of priority. 

We have after colour washing guidelines in salon ask for a copy next time you have a colour….

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Have a great June

Anna x

Hello May…
As the summer fast approaches, I thought it would be good to talk about hair protection for the summer months.
When the hot summer months finally come around, it is a common practice that our hair becomes neglected, we tend to focus more on the protection of our skin but both need protection during these months.
Unfortunately, our hair and scalp are just as sensitive to the sun’s rays and should be protected just as equally. 

During the summer months you may experience some hair changes that you may become concerned with. 
Firstly your hair may become increasingly dry due to the humidity, heat and strong UV. 
If you are exposed to sunshine (if we get that hot summer they keep promising) or if you go abroad, you will also experience faded colour, perhaps difficulty styling and the hair becoming tangled more easily. 

A great idea is to cover up…hair bonnets, base ball cap hair wrap. All will give great protection from UV rays.
If you are in and out the pool wear a swim cap or slather some conditioner on your hair & tie it in up out of the way. 
Treat your hair with the same protection that you would give to your skin. 

Here is the lowdown on our go-to summer leave in hair products that will help with the summer hair care: Also they give great heat protection for general styling. 
Go-to Summer Leave in Hair Products…
coconut…leave in spray great for easy tangled or curly hair
strength…leave in hair bond repair great for weak or damaged hair
total results
20 benefits…leave in spray with literally 20 hair benefits 
Shed range we love 
…X in 10 luscious leave in hair treatment vegan & cruelty free ❤️this

If you are struggling with where to start with their summer hair care routine, ask your stylist when you are next in salon which products would best suit you.
Have a great double bank holiday month 
Anna x

April blog

Scalp health and care

As professionals in the world of hair care, it is essential for us to help you to understand the scalp when providing you our clients with the best service. 

The scalp is part of the biggest organ of your body…your skin. Yes people forget it’s an organ & some times pay little or no attention to it.

A healthy scalp is the basis of healthy hair, it holds and provides a living space for the hair follicles to achieve ultimate strength and optimum hair health. 

Therefore, providing your scalp with the proper treatment and care will ensure  healthy and vibrant healthy hair.

Don’t ever be worried or insecure about scalp issues or hair loss, it is very common. We can advise and guide you and help you in finding solutions.

We are your helping hand to open up to and seek advice from us. 

At our Bilston branch REN is an expert in hair loss. As you may know we have offered hair loss prevention advice for many years. He can advise you from preventative routines to slow down hair loss, right through to where to go for the best and safest hair transplants. 

Don’t dabble with trips abroad, we have the best highly qualified surgeons on our door step. You will receive a favourable rate by using our referrals scheme.

With or without  surgery the best route to hair life and maintenance is a healthy scalp.

Getting To Know Your Scalp

A healthy scalp is balanced, nourished, and free from irritation or inflammation, providing the optimal environment to thrive, resulting in strong, shiny hair. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all scalps, so let’s dive into the common scalp issues you may suffer with:

Dry Scalp

A dry scalp will occur when the skin on the scalp lacks moisture, leading to flakiness, itching and irritation. This condition can be caused by factors such as cold weather, harsh hair products, or being dehydrated.

Oily Scalp

An oily scalp is characterised by excessive sebum production, which can lead to greasy hair and clogged follicles, the blogged follicles can then cause hair thinning. This can be caused by hormonal imbalances, product build-up, genetics even over washing.


This is common scalp condition characterised by flaking dead skin cells. It is often accompanied by itching and inflammation that can be caused by a variety of factors, including fungal infections, dry skin, or being sensitive to certain hair products.

Scalp Psoriasis

This is a chronic autoimmune condition that can affect the scalp quite seriously, causing red, scaly patches to develop. This condition can be itchy and uncomfortable and may require medical treatment.

Scalp Dermatitis

Scalp dermatitis refers to inflammation of the scalp that can result in symptoms such as redness, swelling, and flaking. It can be caused by allergic reactions, stress, or an underlying skin condition. This may require medical advice and treatment.

During your consultation with us we are automatically getting to know your scalp and familiarise ourself with any concerns. We will also be thinking of a care regimen to ensure the most effective product recommendations. 

Here are some questions we may ask you

• What shampoo and conditioner do you currently use?

• How frequently do you wash your hair?

• Do you regularly use dry shampoo? How often?

• Do you let your hair dry naturally?

• Do you engage in any physical activity, such as swimming, where your hair is exposed to 

• strong chemicals?

Your answers will help us advise you for the best products to use at home to establish a good healthy hair & scalp care routine.

If you feel you do not have time for this when you are booked in for your services, then feel free to book a hair care consultation. 

You will need to book an appointment but it is free of charge 

Have a fab April   Anna x

MARCH 2024

Nutrition & lifestyle matter

It has been a while since I touched on nutrition & how it affects our hair our health & also our heart health.

These days we are blessed by having so many information platforms to be able to be armed with good advice. You can find lots of info on line to set you off on good eating and lifestyle plans so with spring in the air kick start some great new habits. 

When it comes to wellness here are 3 points that we need to consider…

1. Prevention is key with all Illnesses.

So many diseases can be avoided, prevented & some times cured by life style & eating habit changes. Heart disease is a leading course of mortality worldwide! and many of its risk factors as I said are preventable simply by adopting a healthy lifestyle we can drastically reduce chances of developing cardiovascular issues.

2. Awareness is the first step towards a healthier heart.

Understanding risk factors symptoms and preventative measures helps us into making Informed choices regarding cardiovascular health.

3. Lifestyle matters.

Simple life style changes such as a balanced diet, regular exercise and stress management can go along way in promoting health, it sounds so simple and a basic thing for us all to do yet many people neglect all of those things but it’s never too late and you can make changes and make conscious choices for the well-being of your health and your heart. 

As Hair and Beauty  professionals we are in a Unique position to spot signs of unwellness as we see our clients regularly and have an upclose and personal relationship with them. 

Many times over the years, one of us may have noticed something with one of our clients and advise them to go to the doctor, not just with their general wellness but also with signs their hair & scalp are showing us that something may not be right…from skin cancers, thyroid issues, anemia to even would you believe brain tumors.

We are always vigilant when we are doing our job and my advice is to be vigilant with your self, check your self, your breasts and underarms or any other parts of the body for lumps or bumps that are new, check for any change & that goes for all sexes, do a top to toe of how you feel, your energy levels, just stay in tune so you don’t miss the signs and it’s easy with the busy lives we all live & not just the physical either….

The emotional too! More than ever now mental health is identified as a factor to good physical health.

Getting annual and regular checkups including blood pressure cholesterol general blood count is crucial for early detection of health issues cardiovascular disease and other illnesses.

With March comes that spring time feeling so consider taking small steps & making a few changes in adopting new, good healthy habits.

This could be a simple as just taking a walk, starting a new hobby, adding new fruits and vegetables to your diet & yes always trying to cut down your stress.

Find ways to relax & make that time & book your self a few treats there is nothing more healthy than a little self TLC…

Happy march

Anna x


Hello February & hello cold weather ! 

This time of year the weather can play havoc with our hair. Here are a few hair tips to help you manage your hair at this time of year…

Tip 1:

Start with the pillow. Believe it or not, it’s not a gimmick try choosing a silk pillow & always use silk hair scrunchies. The pillow can help to keep the vital moisture your hair needs, as well as limit the amount of breakage as there is much less friction. Good for avoiding face creases to so it’s a win win.

Tip 2:

Book an in salon hair treatment with our favourites at colabella being Keratin, Aloe, Shea butter & Avocado oil. By having it in salon we prescribe the one to suit your hair needs from our selection listed. This is an absolute must. Book regular & make it part of your hair routine. If you are a colour client you Pay £10 instead of £25. If you don’t have colour with us, look out on our socials as we often do offer.

Tip 3:

Buy a take home Hair mask at reception only £1, your number one friend to keep up condition at home and use them I between salon visits.

  • For frizzy hair, use a keratin base for long-lasting moisture and leave in for around 10minutes.
  • Thin hair? You can always still benefit from some hydration, focus more on the ends when applying your hair mask and leave it on for just 5 minutes before rinsing.
  • If you want to go for a more natural approach, the Food for soft avocado & hyaluronic acid, apply moderately as they are very concentrated. You can leave this on for 15 minutes.
  • All home masks can be left on  whilst having a bath or sauna. All the oils will remain in your hair throughout the day.

Tip 4:

We all love heat styling, but taking a break every couple of days will do your hair some good. A loose bun or pony tail using a silk or satin hair scrunch. Apply a leave-in treatment spray like the Strengthrange from Biolage, this really helps to battle the damp day frizz and enjoy those extra minutes that you’ve earned by giving your hair a break from heat styling. 

Tip 5:

Stop going out with your hair wet ladies! Very bad ! Yes we know, you woke up late this morning and you’re going to miss your train, but you hair is at a higher risk of damage and mixing it with cold air could lead to brittleness. Not to mention it plays havoc with your neck soft tissue & can cause a painful or still neck. Always allow time to dry your hair properly before going out especially at this time of year ITS FEBRUARY. 

Hope you enjoyed those few tips have a great February & don’t forget to keep checking back on our socials for our offers & promotion. 

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Happy valentines too 💜💚❤️🤍anna x


Happy new year 2024

From Ren myself and the Colabella team, we trust it will be a healthy and happy one for us all…

New year goals…it’s  great to have that new year new start feeling but don’t weigh yourself down with too many targets to meet. Just start the new year feeling good about all that you achieved last year & not thinking about things you did not do…

In salon we love to listen to all the post Christmas chat from our clients, it’s so lovely to be able to have that time with you and listen to all the things going on in everyone’s lives.

When is comes to new year resolutions our lives seem to be full of targets & dead lines to achieve and while that’s all ok sometimes it puts more pressure on us. 

That being said if you fancy a challenge that’s great too, so go for it we are all able and if you are willing anything you set your self to do is great, you could try something new. I support homeless charities, it’s something I have done for over 25 years when I volunteered at a soup kitchen & clothing bank & once that closed I just kept finding out similar organizations to support. If you have time or resources it’s worthwhile & the charity really appreciate it.. So if you have a heart to do something and share some of your time like that, you can find lots of local charities that need help.

When it comes to salon life a new year brings new opportunities for us to look at new services and continuing to update our skills. 

We find the new year brings lots of requests for re styles too or new colour looks. We love all of that and being able to be part of your journey to give you the feel good factor is a pleasure.

Nothing feels better than a great hair day 🙂

Why not book in just for a consultation if you are thinking about a change…

It’s a great idea if you are thinking about a new color or a new cut. It also means your stylist has got time just to talk about it and give you the time you need to chat. 

During a cut & finish appointment we allow 5 minutes for the consultation but in a free consultation slot we allow 15 minutes just to give that extra time to chat.

If it’s concerns about hair loss or thinning hair, then book in with Ren our salon director, he can give you great advice on the best Mark Birch hair products to use, he will explain products to avoid and you can talk to him about non invasive LLLT treatments that we offer at our Bilston branch.

MarkBirchHairUk - Etsy

If you are thinking of adding length or volume by having hair extensions we offer a few different types of hair extensions in salon and if that is of interest to you, then Kirsty also at our Bilston branch is our highly experienced extension specialist. 

What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Me? – Additional Lengths

Again you can book in for a consultation for hair extensions we allow 20 to 30 minutes to discuss this with you at no charge.

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Have a great start to 2024

Anna x