November 2020
We are happy and excited to have now got up and running with our hair loss therapy services. We are working in conjunction with Mark Birch one of the worlds leading Trichologists. He is also a lovely guy and he and his team are a pleasure to be around.
Hair loss therapy is something Ren my brother and co director of Colabella, has been passionate about for some time and his enthusiasm has been passed on to all in our team ...having now all had specialized training in this field we are delighted to be offering this service. With my nutrition back ground the additional training and the new products & supplements we have a great understanding of how to best help your hair loss concerns.
Hair loss, regardless of its background and causes, is a distressing condition that significantly affects quality of life. It is a condition that can happen in any stage of life and to anyone. Hair Loss can be classified as two types: scarring and non-scarring. These are mainly categorised in three types, metabolic/hormonal, chemical and physical. There are 46 known types of hair loss.
There are unfortunately much false and misleading information about hair loss but whatever the cause for your hair loss is, it is important to follow a healthy hair care regime.
This is not about pitching special products it’s really just black and white. To improve or slow down hair loss cosmetic hair products as lovely a they are will not help. We will continue to use and retail the Matrix L’Oréal range in salon, they have a role and are loved and enjoyed by many.
But for results with hair loss and scalp issues or any other hair loss problems caused by illness or medical treatment, we strongly recommend that you use only our specialist range of products.
The products will help maintain a healthy hair environment by producing a healthier scalp and improving the hair growth. Many hair loss conditions can still be treated by just recognising the problem, stabilising it quickly and then try to reverse it as much as possible. The stage of hair loss at which treatment is started, rather than age, determines the chances of success. That being said it’s still never too late to start a good hair care regime.
The science relating to...
Hair loss
It is a condition that can affect any person at any time of their life.
One of the first thing to recognise the problem of hair loss is to determine the reason behind it so that it can be treated correctly.
Here is a little bit about hair and it’s life cycle.
The follicles are where each strand of hair grows from, these are located int the dermis of the skin under the scalp, hair will grow to approximately 0.92cm to 1.25cm per month.
On average there are 100 000 follicles in the scalp of most human beings and during its lifetime each follicle will can produce 20 individual hairs.
Hair is made of proteins called keratin and it is one of the strongest fibres there is and is able to stretch to 1.5 times its own length.
Hair colour, texture and density are all inherited factors.

end of November you get a free salon service gift added to the voucher at no extra cost to you, so not only will your loved one get the voucher but also an extra treat free of charge. Ask when you buy for more details of the complimentary services.

Hair trends this time of year are still all about ease of styling, jagged jaws length bobs are still popular and large crimped waves look really good on this length of hair.
With our colour clients, requests for bold colours flashing back to the more striped and big contrast colours of the 90’s is still being asked for but with a current twist of placing the colours with more of a balayage look, rather than from the root we are tending to still be leaving a root drag of a different colour to keep it low maintenance. Also this allows you to go longer between colour services.