January 2021

As we step into 2021 and 2020 comes to an end, little did we know when it started what a year it would turn out be and what was about to
Ren myself and all the team at Colabella hair & beauty want to say thank you.
You have been so understanding and supported us through the open and closures that COVID 19 caused, we have had many messages of support and the interaction of our social media, the kind words and the love we have felt from many people, we really thank you for all of it.
We plan to “keep on keeping on” which is our family and business motto and we look forward to another chapter in our journey.
During 2020 all of our worlds changed and changed fast! We didn't have much time to even process the changes, we were all thrown from the normal into what we have quickly learned to be the new normal. I think we all deserve a pat on the back for following the rules and doing our bit to stay safe and reach out to help people that needed it. Many acts of kindness and community spirit were shown which gave help and support to people that were in need, not just in need of stuff but also in need of love and care. The NHS has been shown a new level of appreciation and value, as have the workers on all front line key worker roles. Its been nice to see the love being shown but very sad for all the lives lost...
Many of us learned that we need less and to appreciate more.
Over the last 12 months the salon went through changes as we do every year.
We are proud that its 36 years since the first Colabella salon opened and every year we hope to grow and shine more.
The last year has been challenging but as a business we have still continued to move forward, staying focused and pushing on and we are very proud of that. There have been some very positive changes and new services rolled out which in such difficult times is amazing.
We have employed new members to join our fab team, which have brought a new dynamic to the personalities in the team. We had two previous staff return to us after having had career breaks, we offered places to new apprentices and our current ones qualified up to styling. Our team even managed to get some new skills under our belts as we did continued learning from home during lockdown.
We launched the Laser hair loss therapy clinic and trichology training for our team.
We relocated the beauty nails/sun bed shop in Wood street in to a beautiful new salon with internal connecting door to the hair salon, that really was a great move for us and made it a lot easier for clients to get beauty services done while they were having their hair done.
We also added a range of new holistic therapies to our beauty department...
All that during a pandemic and the heart of the business continued to beat, even when we are in lockdown again now we are still busy planning and focusing on the future.
As the new year starts it is the perfect time to look back on the previous year and discern what it has taught you. I can only speak for my self but I have learned a lot this year and I hope to build positively on what I have learned...
Regarding salon re opening, currently we do not know when we can re open but we will be sure to keep you all updated of our re open plans.
All thats left to say is thank you again from Ren & Myself and we pray for a blessed healthy and peaceful year ahead for us all...
Happy new year..
Love and light
Anna x







December 2020

As we come out from Lockdown no 2 its not long now before we open our doors to welcome you all back to our Colabella salons.

With christmas just around the corner, there really is not long now to get ourselves and our homes christmas ready…so with no further ado lets talk salon…

If you are not on our call back waiting list then call us as soon as you can if you need an appointment. Our numbers are all over our social media and we are taking calls, so do call if you need an appointment, we are ready to help you and get you booked in. We all need a cheer up and to get into the festive feel and lets be honest an appointment at your fav’ salon should always be a feel good factor and lets face it we could all benefit from that feel good boost.

With winter ahead of us and these long dark nights the one thing this bizarre year has reminded me is that we need to look after ourselves. 

Many of us run around and care for loved ones and often forget ourselves, guilty me !

After last lock down I suggested to my self and probably in previous blogs that I had made a pact with myself to stop rushing around at 100 miles an hour, did i stick to that?  the short answer is NO !

So with that said how can we now look after our selves ?  I think the best thing to do is to just keep on trying to make little adjustments every time we see the pattern starting again. 

The one thing I love about my job is it gives our clients that opportunity for self time, a bit of self indulgence and above all time to relax. We must never underestimate how powerful the feel good factor is, its a real pick me up.

Our salons will be operating with all our services available when we re open on the 2nd December including hair beauty, nails and our hair loss clinic. 

So as we welcome December if you are looking for some fun and easy hair ideas, here's a little mix up of easy ways to style your hair this season…These ideas can be do done on all hair lengths, you can also try them on short hair by buying clip in hair piece accessories, there are so many around and not expensive.

Glitzy clips slides and other hair accessories

Its so easy to brighten and add a bit of glamour by just clipping in a nice hair slide or some pretty hairpins. If you pull your hair back on one side of your hair with multiple pins placed one above the other its a really nice look. There are so many styles and sizes of hair brooches and other accessories, you can even criss cross pins over each other, transforming an otherwise simple style into a sophisticated look. This is not just for long hair even on short hair this will add instant chic…Low pony

For another quick hairstyle, go for a low ponytail. Smooth your hair with a light gel or styling serum and pull your hair back and add a nice glitzy slide or velvet bow for a chic and glamorous look. Loosen the ponytail and add curls with a curling iron for a more textured messy look. 

Elegant topknot

For a timeless style an elegant topknot is sleek and simple. For a bolder look, sleek down hair and tame fly-aways with gel or serum. To soften the look, allow baby hairs to fall around your face.

Messy braid

By keeping hair smooth and gently tied up, it is a good way to protect your hair during the winter, braided styles are great for this and there are lots of tutorials on you tube. I love the halo braid for a romantic style reminiscent of a past time. Pull at the hair to widen the braid for a messy, bohemian look for the perfect messy look.

Again if you have short hair you can buy clip in hair braids or bands that look like you have braided your hair.

For the guys

This season when it comes to hair its the french crop and the curly french crop that is right on trend. this skin fade style blends up to heavy length with a more solid fringe. Although facial hair has had a more groomed look its still very popular although much tidier and edged neatly compared to the previous beard trends…

We love to keep you up to date with all thats trending and our salon news so do follow our social media to sand keep checking back to it to stay up to date with us…

Ren, myself and our fabulous team wish you all a blessed healthy and safe Christmas and New year, thank you all and we appreciate all your support this year…Anna x

November 2020
We are happy and excited to have now got up and running with our hair loss therapy services. We are working in conjunction with Mark Birch one of the worlds leading Trichologists. He is also a lovely guy and he and his team are a pleasure to be around.
Hair loss therapy is something Ren my brother and co director of Colabella, has been passionate about for some time and his enthusiasm has been passed on to all in our team ...having now all had specialized training in this field we are delighted to be offering this service. With my nutrition back ground the additional training and the new products & supplements we have a great understanding of how to best help your hair loss concerns.
Hair loss, regardless of its background and causes, is a distressing condition that significantly affects quality of life. It is a condition that can happen in any stage of life and to anyone. Hair Loss can be classified as two types: scarring and non-scarring. These are mainly categorised in three types, metabolic/hormonal, chemical and physical. There are 46 known types of hair loss.
There are unfortunately much false and misleading information about hair loss but whatever the cause for your hair loss is, it is important to follow a healthy hair care regime.
This is not about pitching special products it’s really just black and white. To improve or slow down hair loss cosmetic hair products as lovely a they are will not help. We will continue to use and retail the Matrix L’Oréal range in salon, they have a role and are loved and enjoyed by many.
But for results with hair loss and scalp issues or any other hair loss problems caused by illness or medical treatment, we strongly recommend that you use only our specialist range of products.
The products will help maintain a healthy hair environment by producing a healthier scalp and improving the hair growth. Many hair loss conditions can still be treated by just recognising the problem, stabilising it quickly and then try to reverse it as much as possible. The stage of hair loss at which treatment is started, rather than age, determines the chances of success. That being said it’s still never too late to start a good hair care regime.
The science relating to...
Hair loss
It is a condition that can affect any person at any time of their life.
One of the first thing to recognise the problem of hair loss is to determine the reason behind it so that it can be treated correctly.
Here is a little bit about hair and it’s life cycle.
The follicles are where each strand of hair grows from, these are located int the dermis of the skin under the scalp, hair will grow to approximately 0.92cm to 1.25cm per month.
On average there are 100 000 follicles in the scalp of most human beings and during its lifetime each follicle will can produce 20 individual hairs.
Hair is made of proteins called keratin and it is one of the strongest fibres there is and is able to stretch to 1.5 times its own length.
Hair colour, texture and density are all inherited factors.

end of November you get a free salon service gift added to the voucher at no extra cost to you, so not only will your loved one get the voucher but also an extra treat free of charge. Ask when you buy for more details of the complimentary services.

Hair trends this time of year are still all about ease of styling, jagged jaws length bobs are still popular and large crimped waves look really good on this length of hair.
With our colour clients, requests for bold colours flashing back to the more striped and big contrast colours of the 90’s is still being asked for but with a current twist of placing the colours with more of a balayage look, rather than from the root we are tending to still be leaving a root drag of a different colour to keep it low maintenance. Also this allows you to go longer between colour services.