Blogs 2023

May 2023
Holiday time is fast approaching and many of you are already booking in for holiday treatments. 
Many of you may already know that we offer a wide range of services in salon alongside our regular hair services. 
At our Bilston branch we offer Nail extensions & Gel polish services but not a full range of beauty at this time,
At our wood street branch we offer a slightly wider range of services. Which includes most beauty treatments and also holistic therapies such as Indian head massage, hot stones massage, hopi ear candles. We also offer 
Aqua detox…

How Does This Work?

This natural treatment works by ionization. The ionizer, which is placed in the footbath, releases ions through the water and into your body. Your cells are energized by the ions and are finally able to release the toxins, oils, acids, fats, heavy metals, cellular debris, and waste that have accumulated over your lifetime.

Where Do Most Toxins Come From?
Air pollution, smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming foods with pesticides, and applying conventional beauty products are among the most common ways toxins are absorbed. Most toiletries that are designed to “beautify” you (think, shampoos, make-ups, perfume, and deodorant) often contain parabens, formaldehyde, and aluminum, which are very harmful to the body. 
The water colour is not toxins leaving the body it’s an indicator of which toxins are present the colour change is caused by the ionic charge being sent into the water. This then increases the body’s ability to eliminate toxins following the treatment. It also increases your metabolism helping to promote a feeling of energy and helps the body disperse of toxins through sweating and passing water.
Many people has improved sleep and a sense of well being. Many cancer treatment centers in the USA use the aqua detox for patients undergoing chemotherapy. 

What Are The Negative Effects Of Toxins In My Body?
• Organ damage
• Pain around the joints 
• DNA damage, which increases the rate of aging and degeneration
• Imbalanced hormones
• Inflammation
• Weakened immune system, increasing susceptibility to illness and disease
• Poor memory and concentration (“brain fog”)

£35.00 per session or block book 4 & get 1 session free of charge 
Please have a debit card to hand when you call as a deposit is needed.
If you would like a consultation or to book in please call to book on
01902 498892

March 2023

As many of you may know, our salons are predominantly hair but we do offer other salon services, so I thought I’d have a little chat about nails & lashes this month.

Most of the beauty services are only available at our wood street salon but we do nails also at the Bilston branch.


When it comes to nail extensions & nail art there has been a real shift in recent years to a more natural finish. 

There are so many options to choose from these days, rather than just long clunky mail tips. A set of well done extensions can look like a natural nail.

Not only has nail extensions taken a more natural look so to has nail art.

With natural looking nails and promoting nail care and strength it’s no wonder the industry needed something new and the builder gel is that product that was needed. 

Builder gel has taken our industry by storm…it allows our nail technicians to add strength to our clients natural nails, allowing nails to grow and still keeping them looking salon finished.

How long does builder gel last?

2-3 weeks. Though a manicure created with builder gel can last up to three weeks, this often depends on what you do with your hands after the service. If you use gloves to wash up ect. We tend to use our fingers as tools, the ends will chip if you are not carful. Soaking in the bath for half hour with your hands in the water is a sure way for them to lift or chip. Use cuticle oil every night before bed, this helps them last and also really strengthens your natural nail.

Just little things on how you care for them will help them last. 

Some clients still have a nail tip on for extensions and then the builder gel takes the place of hard gel that some clients prefer to acrylic.

This is classed as gel nail extensions.


The other salon service that has become a staple is eye lash extensions.

For many years this was just a night out or holiday treat but these days clients wear them on a permanent basis. 

As with nails now that people are wearing them as a constant there are more natural styles. 

I must confess I’m not a fan of the permanently wearing lashes as it can cause long term damage to the eye lash and causing traction alopecia. This is permanent hair loss which means you will not be able to have extensions as there will be no lash to glue to. 

I love the lashed up look and I do have it myself but after a week or two I have them soaked off and then I have a break. 


One of my favourite services is lash lift and tint also know as LVL, this took the place of what was lash perm. It’s a lovely way to bring attention to your lashes and great for holidays. It lasts for 4-6 weeks and a great way to give that volume look to your lashes.


A skin test must be done 48 hours before LVL or Lash extension services and as an extra warning, if a salon offers to do a service with our correct procedure by very careful as if you had a reaction they will not be insured. 

Yet again time passes by quickly and as the daffodils pop up it’s a sign that spring is around the corner… hope you all have a fab month.

Anna x

February ❤️ to you all.

Well as it is the month of love how about we start February with how to love our hair and scalp and care for it in the best way. 
During these colder months one of the important tips that can really help
with hair condition and scalp health is making sure it’s washed well. It’s simple, I know but it’s surprising how many bad habits you can develop when it comes to washing hair.

Here are a quick reminder of best practices…
Hair cleansing information
• Wash your hair under a running flow of water preferably in the shower or with your head over the bath do not use excessively hot water warm water is ideal
• Do not wash your hair or rinse your hair in bath water it will not get rid of residue in fact it will add more & be likely to leave it dull looking or cause it to go greasy
• Work the shampoo into lather by gentle circular massage including the scalp, do not rub as this will cause tangles, damage to your hair & roughen up the cuticle. Drag the shampoo to the ends of the hair as this area can get neglected then appear dull.
• Wash your hair once if you are just refreshing it & twice if you wash your hair once a week. Avoid washing hair every day, natural oils are lost, you can just rinse & condition in between shampoos if it is just a habit to wash it each time you shower. Greasy hair gets more greasy with the over washing, massage stimulates more oil onto the scalp.
• When conditioning apply to root area if your hair is very thick dry or in need of moisture. Comb product through as this flattens the cuticle stopping it splitting, leaving it with a glossier look. If hair is fine keep product away from the root area & use a small amount on the mid lengths & ends. Always rinse really well under flowing water & paying attention to the scalp area
• Using dry shampoo is fine as long as you thoroughly wash the scalp area as it can block follicles and cause hair thinning in areas. 
• Oils and serums are also fine but use professional salon oils as many coconut or Moroccan are made for very thick dense hair and again if you do not thoroughly cleanse scalp can cause hair thinning or flimsily lifeless hair.

A quick reminder of all the cost cutting tips we offer, where you can have the same quality products and services at reduced costs on selected days.
Also don’t forget refer a friend or family and both save 20% off your next hair salon bill. 
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❤️If you are stuck for gift ideas don’t forget gift vouchers available in salon and also you can pop in and buy a gift selection of hair products. If you let us know who you are buying for we can select the right products for your loved one ready for Valentine’s Day…
Happy Valentine’s 
Anna x

January 2023

Happy new year from us all @ Colabella.
We wish health peace and love to you all…

Let’s not hang around and let’s jump right into what will be the colour trends that we are expecting for this year.
Well for 2023 there are expected to be a few shades trending, this falls in line with many people growing out full head colours and opting for lesser up keep colours. We will see rich brunettes with depth and warmth and win very fine highlights of caramels. These play less havoc on conditions and the reason they are becoming popular. The root dragged and balayage will still stay popular again for similar reasons.

This is great for someone with a dark natural color that wants a bit of dimension and richness.

For the blondes it’s going to be lots of rooted blondes. Like a root drag but with a much more noticeable and rich rooted base.

This is great for all the blondies that want to go a little more on the natural side.

Also Mushroom blonde or “shroom” as it’s been called lately, this will be taking over from the silver ash of late.

This trend is somewhere between blonde and brunette, but definitely on the cooler side. It’s also great as it works for any skin tone and hair texture.

Trend setters will also be loving light coppers from new year 2023 then as we go into spring a more intense red copper with auburn shadow root drags will be a hot look, long short straight or curly will suit these colour trends.

There will be something for all colour lovers in 2023.

I love the flexibility our clients enjoy, due to our vast colour and colour correction knowledge, it is really rewarding to be able to deliver change after change whilst still maintaining great hair condition. My team at Colabella are all about continuous learning which offers our clients the best of up to date trends and colour techniques.

Haircuts for men that are still trending include a fade, quiff, spikes, undercut, french crop, and low taper fade. Whether you want a low-maintenance cut that’s wash and go, or a sleek quiff we’ve got you covered. Style director Ren supports our in house barbering training to make sure our team are up to date on clipper styles and techniques.
Ren also has a vast knowledge on hair loss concerns and can guide you with the correct MARK BIRCH hair loss products and LLLT if hair loss is a concern for you. This product range is for all sexes.

We will be running some fab promotions in January so make sure we have you on the text register and don’t forget to like and share our post to get in that free raffle at the end of each month.

If you are not getting text from us call us and let us know, to qualify for the offer you need to get the text first.
We do not share your information with any other company and our full GDPR is on our web page…

Have a great start to the year
Love & Light
Anna x