The body is a powerful self-regenerating organism. It has all the necessary systems for regenerating, rejuvenating and rebuilding. It also has an efficient immune system, which, if fuelled correctly, is capable of fending off damaging invaders.

After suffering from a variety of illness my self, some quite debilitating I could not understand why the medical profession could not help. Then I started to look deeper into my life style and food habits. After some research I realized that the key was down to not only what I ate but also what happened to that food once I had eaten it and how my lifestyle and stress levels affected the efficiency and absorption of the food I had eaten. I became so enthused by this that I decided a re direction in training was necessary so that I could pass on the simple but fundamental need for good nutrition.

My aim is to pass on informative advice on good nutrition and a basic understanding of what the body needs and why.

Factors affecting Health

Good nutrition is a fundamental factor to healthy living. You cannot expect to have a healthy body if you choose to run it on junk and in a state of dehydration. If you were blessed enough to buy a Ferrari or what ever your dream car would be, would you use washing up liquid or a can of fizzy drink in the oil or petrol tank? That dishwasher you have always wanted would you put car engine oil in the salt tray? The analogies could go on.

Do you give your body the same respect that you give to an inanimate object? The right fuel for the right job is the point I am trying to make. Your body is your vehicle through life how well it gets you through is in your hands and not in the hands of a mechanic or engineer.

Most of the energy that we draw from our food is channelled back to service digestion, absorption, circulation and elimination. The rest of our body energy is used in the process of thinking, working and playing. Unfortunately in society today there is one factor that is a serious drain on bodily resources and that is stress.

Stress - Digestion - Absorption - Circulation - Elimination

Our cells are the smallest living units in our bodies and each one is like a tiny factory. Every cell must be nourished constantly and then the waste efficiently eliminated. If this does not occur the cell will either not function properly or it will die. Good health begins and ends at cellular level.

Each cell must be fed and cleansed if it is to work correctly and a major role in this is efficient digestion.

Stress - Efficient digestion and absorption cannot take place with this factor present

Digestion - This means the breaking down of food into tiny components.

Absorption - The absorption of the digested food is paramount to the nutrients being able to get to the cells. Our blood then carries the absorbed nutrients to each cell.

Circulation - If circulation is impaired this function will not take place.

Elimination - If cells are bathed in their own wastes they cannot function therefore the elimination via the kidneys, skin and bowels is of paramount importance.

Book yourself in for a Nutrition M.O.T. and Advice

The secret to any diet or supplement programme is in your body’s ability to digest properly. This is a highly complex system aided by a huge army of enzymes, acids, friendly bacteria and peptides. If any thing is even slightly out of sync, no amount of medicine will help you keep healthy. Many varieties of illness are to do with disturbance in the digestion system Untold illness like:

Indigestion - Joint and muscle pain - Skin conditions of every variety - Mood problems - Chronic fatigue - Energy levels - Feeling run down - Allergies - Sleep problems - General immune dysfunctions - Detox advice

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If you are troubled with any of the above why not book in for a Nutrition consultation.

Anna is a qualified nutritionist and is available by appointment. We have a private consultation room where you can get advice to help give your body exactly what it needs.

Book in for a Nutrition M.O.T Salon, clients receive a Free Aqua Detox with their first consultation.

First consultation 1 hour 30 minutes
Further consultation 1 hour
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Follow up appointment 35 minutes

Free nutrition consultation is included in the Aqua Detox fee. Please ring for our latest salon prices and special offers.

The reason that society is faced with disease and illness is that in many cases the body is not being provided with the optimal conditions that it needs to maintain itself. Unless you provide it with the right conditions and by this I mean physically and mentally it will not function at its optimal level. You cannot treat one without taking the other into consideration.

Good health is about good balance. My main aim is to encourage the idea that equipped with the right fuel your body can run at its optimal level. If your main concern is weight loss or any specific life style or dietary need we can address this during our consultation but chiefly I would like to encourage good all round health. That is… Mind body and spirit.

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Cheerful fruit,mixed fruits, isolated



Cheerful fruit,mixed fruits, isolated